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Leaders in Logistics to tackle last mile, CX, next-gen tech and more

The future of last mile delivery, leveling up customer experience, navigating growth markets, next-gen technology and mastering micro-fulfilment will be the key topics at next month’s Leaders in Logistics Last Mile event being held in London.

The event, which will run on October 11 at Twickenham Stadium, will bring together leading executives and decision makers from retailers and carriers “to shape the future of delivery.” According to event organizer, MarketForceLive, the event provides attendees with “valuable insights and knowledge for staying ahead of the curve.”

Key themes

More than 400 attendees are expected to attend the event, which will feature presentations from over 40 speakers from firms including Geopost, Yodel, Vinted Go, Cainiao Network, Royal Mail and DHL.

The key theme of this year’s event will be “e-commerce delivery reimagined.” The conference will discuss new e-commerce markets including the C2C and D2C sectors, customer delivery experience and the needs of today’s consumers, new delivery models and technologies, such as drones and delivery bots, and delivering for sustainability and efficiency.

Keynote sessions

In the opening session keynote addresses will be given by Yves Delmas, Chief Executive Officer of Geopost on “Reliable, sustainable, affordable: meeting a triad of consumer expectations,” Dennis Li, General Manager, Europe at Cainiao Network, Alibaba on “Unlocking innovation for convenient and efficient delivery,” and Bob Griffiths, Chief Strategy Officer at Doddle on “Where is last-mile technology heading?”

Executives from Vinted Go, HelloFresh, Gelato, Royal Mail and Bettermile will then take part in a Leaders’ forum discussing how to grow last mile delivery in a cost-of-living crisis.

Other notable presentations from the event include a keynote address by Yodel CEO, Mike Hancox on how to capture the growing C2C market, and a look at the future of out-of-home delivery by Alberto Pimenta, Director of E-commerce at CTT – Correios de Portugal.

Fireside chats

The conference will also host several fireside chats exploring same day delivery, urban mobility solutions and micro-hubs. For the latter, Rich Pleeth, Co-Founder and Chief Rider at Fin Mile Logistics will explore how to navigate the complexities of siting micro-hubs and fulfilment centers in dense urban areas.

Meanwhile, Gophr’s CEO Seb Robert will discuss how to meet the demand for immediacy in the last mile. He will explore how technology can be leveraged and how the success of same-day delivery can be measured.

To find out more about the event and register to attend, click here: Leaders in Logistics Last Mile.

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