Saturday July 20, 2024

The CEP-Research industry news are a premium service for subscribers. We offer individual, multi-user and corporate subscriptions, including options for republishing rights.

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Individual Premium License
  • Personalised access for one user
  • Annual subscription fee: 470,-€
Multi-user licence
  • For companies and international organisations with more users
  • Access to a defined number of users
  • Substantially discounted flat rate price depending on the number of users
Corporate License
  • Access to an unlimited number
  • Rights to republish the news contents for any internal use (e.g. newsletters, intranet news sections)
  • Rights to store internally the news items in a short-term “Latest News” archive
  • Access to the CEP-Research RSS news feed
  • Substantially discounted flat rate price depending on the size of your company / relevant users.