Tuesday October 15, 2019


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Stock quotes
Bpost 9.73€ -2.55%
DP-DHL 29.76€ +0.13%
FedEx 146.78$ +0.85%
Post.at 31.70€ +0.32%
PostNL 2.00€ +0.75%
Royal Mail 212.80p -2.43%
UPS 115.87$ -0.13%
Product Showcase
Picture of the week

Parcel lockers are not only convenient collection points but also offer an ideal surface for works of art, as many postal operators have shown.  

Lithuania Post is now teaming up with well-known local artists to feature works about environmental issues on several LP Express lockers during October. The locker above (in the port town of Klaipeda) shows animal and nature images by artist Akvilė Misevičiūtė.