Saturday July 31, 2021

Zebra Technologies launches new mobile computer for couriers and other workers

Zebra Technologies EC5x mobile computer
Zebra Technologies EC5x mobile computer

Zebra Technologies has introduced the new EC5x series of smartphone-style mobile computers for front-line workers, including couriers, and other professionals.

The new individually assigned mobile computers are designed to keep workers connected and informed while improving individual productivity, collaboration and the customer experience across multiple industries, according to the company.

Featuring the look and feel of a consumer smartphone with the Android™10 operating system (OS), an optional integrated scanner and a robust software suite specifically designed for front-line workers, the durable EC5x series is Zebra’s thinnest, lightest mobile computer.

Featuring a large five-inch HD screen, the reliable EC5x series gives workers the same familiar look and feel of a consumer smartphone while adding enterprise-grade scanning, enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities and Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite of security features, development tools, and mobile end-user applications to optimize workflows at the edge of business.

Among other features, the versatile EC5x series is RFID-ready and has an optional snap-on trigger handle to provide added comfort for scan-intensive tasks. The EC5x can scan almost any barcode in any condition and its 13-megapixel color rear camera can capture highly detailed photos to document proof of delivery or compliance.

Zebra said the EC5x series is ideal for large, global companies as well as small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The mobile computer is designed to be a company-owned, personally assigned device that is carried at all times, keeping workers connected no matter where they are and helping improve business agility and responsiveness to real-time changing conditions.

The EC5x series can be used in the retail, hospitality, field sales, courier, government and ancillary healthcare markets to optimize a wide range of front-line workflows including assisted selling, mobile point of sale (MPOS), inventory and task management, concierge service, direct store delivery (DSD), patient transport, staff collaboration and housekeeping.

“Zebra’s new EC5x series expands the industry’s broadest portfolio of Android-based, enterprise-class mobile computers with our first individually assigned smartphone-like device designed to help businesses significantly improve productivity and collaboration while delivering unmatched total benefits of ownership,” said Joe White, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies.

“Multi-year deployment and support eliminates the cost and complexities of managing different models. With a long lifecycle, innovative productivity tools and security support for the Android OS, the EC5x series’ total cost of ownership (TCO) is approximately half of a consumer smartphone without sacrificing any of the familiarity or design features that front-line workers now expect,” he added.

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