Tuesday September 21, 2021

Zebra Technologies introduces easy-to-use mobile printer

Zebra Technologies' ZQ210 mobile printer
Zebra Technologies' ZQ210 mobile printer

Zebra Technologies has introduced the ZQ210 mobile printer designed and built for transportation and logistics, retail and hospitality environments to increase in-field efficiency.

The multi-purpose device guarantees enterprises the flexibility needed for multiple applications, which maximizes efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership, according to the company.

The ZQ210, part of the ZQ200 Series, is flexible and easy-to-use for warehouse operators and associates in retail and hospitality settings. By offering multiple media types, the new printer is one of the few mobile printers in its tier that prints both receipts and labels.

Employees can easily swap media types based on the application. The new printer can also support linerless media. Similar to a roll of tape, linerless labels have no backing and comprise special adhesive enabling them to easily peel away from the labels underneath. Used liner material does not need managing, reducing waste for a greener enterprise. Enterprises can choose the media, when and where needed.

Its ease of use allows workers to charge their printer on-the-go, in-vehicle or via a mobile power bank with USB charging. It features Bluetooth 4 and NFC Tap-to-Pair connectivity with Android capabilities so that staff in the field can simply connect devices.

Furthermore, the black and white OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display enables fast interaction with the printer, providing users with valuable information to help increase operational productivity.

SourceZebra Technologies

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