Saturday July 31, 2021

JD Logistics improves warehousing with Zebra Technologies devices

Zebra's TC51 touch computers
Zebra's TC51 touch computers

China’s JD Logistics has partnered with Zebra Technologies to jointly offer more efficient and cost-effective warehouse management solutions for Chinese SMEs.

JD Logistics, a subsidiary, will use a diverse variety of Zebra devices, including the TC25 rugged smartphone, TC51 touch computer, MC3300 mobile computer, GT800 desktop printer and DS2208 handheld imager, as part of its Warehouse Management System (JWMS).

According to Zebra, this flexible and scalable format allows the creation of multiple warehouse management solutions to cater to the varying needs of different SMBs, from wholesalers to retailers who may be trading in fashion, beauty products, fast-moving consumer goods, among others.

They will feature remote deployment and enable reliable, efficient maintenance for remote system and hardware management. They will also ensure stable system operations and come with sustainable upgrading, which translates into a higher return of investment.

“In the post-pandemic era, consumers are expected to have even higher expectations of online shopping and fulfillment timeliness, which means greater pressure for warehousing, distribution and fulfillment operations to deliver swiftly and accurately,” said Henry Yang, Channel Director of Greater China, Zebra Technologies. “Through the mix-and-match approach, China-based SMBs in the retail sector can leverage Zebra’s product diversity to pair one or more devices up with JD Logistics’ JWMS to form their own modernized warehouse management solution based on their respective business needs.”

Through the integration of JWMS with Zebra’s devices, JD Logistics has developed an innovative approach for SMBs to meet varying consumer demands of the ‘New Retail’ era.

SourceZebra Technologies

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