Friday July 03, 2020

Swipbox installs Nærboks parcel lockers at STARK hardware stores

Swipbox Nærboks parcel lockers at STARK hardware stores
Swipbox Nærboks parcel lockers at STARK hardware stores

Danish hardware company STARK is now offering delivery through the Nærboks parcel lockers in collaboration with SwipBox, who developed the parcel lockers.

In Sonderborg, Denmark, the hardware store STARK has chosen to install seven parcel lockers in front of the store. These lockers will allow craftsmen and other customers to pick up the tools and other goods that they order from STARK online outside opening hours – without entering the store itself.

Dennis Rosengren Skjøth, manager of STARK Sonderborg, commented: “Our customers can now choose Nærboks as their delivery option when they shop on our website. This allows them to pick up their goods exactly when they want to. These days, we also know that we need to limit the physical contact between our employees and the customers due to the Corona virus. This is also made possible with Nærboks, which is why we are very happy and proud to be a part of this concept.”

Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox, is also very pleased about the ability of the product to help with the challenges posed by the Corona virus, which is affecting the world right now.

“Through Nærboks, customers can pick up their parcels without any interaction with other people,” he explained. “Besides this, customers don’t need to sign on a screen on the locker because everything is controlled by the customer’s own phone, which is a unique Nærboks feature. This further helps against the dangers of infection, which we have to consider these days.”

STARK in Sonderborg is now testing the solution, after which a potential rollout to the other STARK stores in Denmark will be evaluated.


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