Thursday December 09, 2021

SwipBox sets up Black Friday parcel locker showroom

The Naerboks parcel locker 'showroom'
The Naerboks parcel locker 'showroom'

Swipbox, the Danish operator of neutral parcel terminals, has set up a so-called Nærboks showroom in a Danish shopping centre, giving customers access to 13 parcel lockers and a fitting room in one space just in time for Black Friday purchases.

The showroom is located in the Kolding Storcenter shopping mall, in the south of Denmark, where customers can pick up packages they have ordered online, try on their new items and even return some items to the stores in the mall, if the online store has a physical store there.

Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of Swipbox, commented: "When people go to malls and shop, for example, on Black Friday, physical stores can grab their attention. With parcel lockers, the physical stores automatically get an extra chance to draw in shoppers, when they go to the mall to collect their great Black Friday deals from the parcel lockers.”

The increased number of parcel lockers can help bridge the gap between offline and online shopping. SwipBox says that this omnichannel approach can provide customer satisfaction and exceed customers’ expectations.

Parcel locker networks and showrooms like this are possible because one of the features of the SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers is that they are able to stand everywhere, both inside and outside. This means customers can easily pick up the growing number of parcels bought online in a convenient and easy way.

So far 2,000 SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers have been rolled out in Denmark and the number will increase to 10,000. The increased capacity of the Nærboks network will enable even more Danes to pick up their parcels through the network.


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