Saturday January 22, 2022

Danes can return parcels through SwipBox parcel locker network

Danish online shoppers can now return their parcels in the SwipBox Infinity parcel locker network as well as collecting them there.

Logistics provider Bring, one of the carriers on the network, will be the first to offer first mile parcels via the parcel lockers, according to the Danish technology company.

The parcel locker supplier SwipBox launched their innovative app-operated parcel locker solution two years ago. The agnostic solution operates under the brand name Nærboks in Denmark with several logistics providers delivering parcels throughout the network.

The software that operates the SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers was designed to handle returns via their app solution. Customers simply need to register their parcel via the app and take it to their nearest locker.

Jens Lauge, Strategic Product Developer at Bring, commented: “Reverse logistics is always a natural and integrated part of our value propositions. By adding the return service from the Nærboks parcel boxes, from which the customers first picked up their parcels, we will offer the 360-degree solution that our customers demand.”

Changing customer behaviour

Swipbox explained that online shopping behaviour has changed significantly since the coronavirus pandemic began, and this has also led to an increase in the utilization of its parcel lockers. As customers shop more online, they inevitably need to return more parcels.

CEO Jens Rom said: “At SwipBox we are always looking into new solutions and ways to be sure that we are ahead of the market’s needs and demands – and that we can deliver every time. It’s exciting news that Bring are ready to offer their customers the chance to safely return parcels throughout the network in order to create more convenience for the end users on the Danish market.”

The Danish parcel locker network Nærboks consists of SwipBox’ parcel locker solution called SwipBox Infinity. The screenless parcel lockers are wireless and app operated. This means the parcel lockers can be installed anywhere. In addition to Denmark, the SwipBox Infinity solution also operates in Sweden, Norway and Belgium with more countries to come.

SwipBox is a software company with a hardware solution that enables infrastructural innovation. With intelligent parcel lockers in more than 50 countries and deep networks in selected countries, the company aims at increasing the convenience for end users.


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