Tuesday July 05, 2022

Escher launches new Track & Trace and Last-Mile Delivery solutions

Escher has launched Riposte Track, Trace and Last-Mile Delivery, a cloud-based suite of parcel tracking and traceability solutions to help postal operators improve first- and last-mile delivery.

With Riposte Track, Trace, and Last-Mile Delivery, the technology group is significantly enhancing its first and last mile solution capabilities with a comprehensive suite of track and trace products designed to streamline how parcels are tracked within and outside of the enterprise. 

Brody Buhler, the company’s newly-appointed CEO, explained: “Riposte Track, Trace, and Last-Mile Delivery completely redefines the first and last-mile delivery process for Posts everywhere, giving your customers and operations the visibility they need to manage deliveries.

"From facilitating cross border shipments, integration with logistic partners, white-glove last-mile service offerings for customers, dynamic route optimization and planning and more, Riposte Track, Trace, and Last-Mile Delivery adds immediate value for Posts, partners, and customers."

Escher said that key features of Riposte Track, Trace, and Last-Mile Delivery include:

·       Real-time parcel traceability, providing greater visibility for employees, partners, stakeholders, and customers.

·       The ability to offer real-time parcel delivery redirect, parcel intercept, and delivery window services to customers.

·       A simplified and integrated inbound process automatically receives pre-advice of incoming parcels from vendors before the packages arriving within a Post's operations.

·       Precision delivery with real-time GPS tracking and turn-by-turn navigation for drivers.

·       Chain of custody for high-value items.

·       Dynamic addition or removal of jobs from an active delivery route.

·       Seamless integration with sorting automation technology, providing real-time decisions on parcel sorting.

·       Preassigning parcels to delivery routes.

·       Integrations with route optimization software to dynamically optimize routes.

Riposte Track, Trace, and Last-Mile Delivery is part of Escher's award-winning Riposte platform. This provides Posts with an all-in-one customer engagement solution to support every step of the digital transformation journey.

The Riposte Platform comes with out-of-the-box solutions for counter service, mobile integration, data analytics, retail worker onboarding, customer survey generation, integration of third-party agents, facilitation of a pick-up, drop-off network, and more.

Escher has more than 35 postal and other customers worldwide, with their largest customer carrying 47% of the world's post. The company’s technology is used to serve over a billion citizens with 350,000 points of engagement globally.

SourceEscher Group, CEP-Research

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