Sunday December 04, 2022

Escher transforms Ukraine Post technology

Ukrposhta delivery vehicle
Ukrposhta delivery vehicle

Escher has been selected by Ukrposhta (Ukraine Post) as a partner for the rollout of a nationwide digital transformation project.

The partnership will see Ukrposhta implement Escher’s purpose-built Riposte platform and supporting business applications across its retail network to streamline operations and improve the customer experience.

Ukrposhta is the nation’s primary postal service provider. It boasts a network of 11,000 post offices, employs 65,000 people, offers more than 50 products and services, and operates a fleet of over 3,500 vehicles.

Complex landscape

Connecting over 44 million citizens across a country as large and diversely populated as Ukraine is no small feat, Escher pointed out. A largely rural population, combined with varying levels of connectivity across the country, a surge in e-commerce activity, and increased customer expectations for speed and convenience has only complicated this challenge.

This meant that Ukrposhta knew that a complete digital transformation was required to take its postal and retail operations to the next level.

Leveraging Escher’s core platform, Riposte, as well as the Riposte Application for Counter and Mobile, Ukrposhta plans to seamlessly connect all customer engagement points across its retail network, automate many tasks and processes, gain real-time insights, streamline and improve retail operations, and reduce costs, while ensuring the highest level of service for its customers.

Digital access

“This is a big step for Ukrposhta. But the step is even bigger for the whole country because for the first time in history we will be able to talk about accessibility of digital postal and banking services for 100% of people in our country,” explained Igor Smelyansky, CEO, Ukrposhta.

“Ukraine Post is taking all the right steps to position itself for continued success and we are honored to be a part of their transformation,” said Brody Buhler, CEO, Escher. “This program will transform Ukrposhta, giving them far greater efficiencies, lower costs, increased revenue, while offering greater convenience and more digital services to their customers. We’re excited to help Ukrposhta benefit from the growth in e-commerce and support their first and last mile transformation.”

Escher powers the world’s first and last-mile deliveries, helping Posts connect nearly 1 billion consumers with global e-commerce networks. Postal operators rely on Escher to deliver an enhanced retail and digital customer experience, to activate new revenue streams, and to realize new delivery economics.


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