Tuesday October 15, 2019
Market Research Case Studies

Website and online tool offering analysis in Europe

For an international courier service provider we carried out a benchmark analysis of the main competitor’s activities regarding scope and complexity of their online services in 12 European core markets. As a first step, we evaluated the local web presence of the customer and of its competitors, providing a compilation of a list of state-of-the-art tools and shipping facilitators with a high level of transparency. Following the information gathering, we prepared a benchmark and concluding gaps between the online services of the customer and its competitors, analysing the tools functionalities but also the customer accessibility.

Finally, we defined the existing market requirements and drew up recommendations in cooperation with its customer in order to adapt its online tools to the market expectations.


Evolution of the European Postal Market 1997-2008

The European Commission looked to gain a detailed understanding of the evolution of the European Postal Markets since 1997. CEP-Research (ITA Consulting) and Wik Consult prepared an extensive study to evaluate the status of the regulatory and competitive environment of the national postal markets. The team conducted extensive field and secondary research to assess the development of national market sizes, market shares, price developments and service quality aspects in relation to the timeline of regulatory efforts by national regulators.

Part of the research was a benchmarking exercise comparing European postal markets to non-European liberalized postal markets. Applying statistical analysis, the team also identified country clusters in order to identify regional trends. The study concluded with an assessment of the impact of postal reform on the European Postal market and a qualitative outlook of future trends and developments.

Throughout the project, the team worked closely with the Commission in two public workshops; the study was presented to the European Commission and representatives of the member states and other stakeholders.

Stock quotes
Bpost 9.73€ -2.55%
DP-DHL 29.76€ +0.13%
FedEx 146.78$ +0.85%
Post.at 31.70€ +0.32%
PostNL 2.00€ +0.75%
Royal Mail 212.80p -2.43%
UPS 115.87$ -0.13%
Product Showcase
Picture of the week

Parcel lockers are not only convenient collection points but also offer an ideal surface for works of art, as many postal operators have shown.  

Lithuania Post is now teaming up with well-known local artists to feature works about environmental issues on several LP Express lockers during October. The locker above (in the port town of Klaipeda) shows animal and nature images by artist Akvilė Misevičiūtė.