Tuesday January 19, 2021
Why Escher?

Transforming Customer Engagement for Posts

The Escher Platform is a game-changer in allowing you to meet the needs of today's digitally savvy customers. Get to market faster. Activate new revenue streams. Optimize your revenue, cost and resource model at every point of engagement. Dynamically change the experience for your customers.

Transform points of engagement
Using The Escher Platform your customers can engage with your Post anywhere, anytime. Transform your channels, services, points of engagement and physical locations. 

Accelerate post
Their intelligent automation streamlines transactions and drives efficiency. The built-in system prompts accelerate agent performance at each point of engagement.

Drive continuous innovation
The Escher Platform allows you to continually deliver new transactions, services and innovation. You can quickly experiment, test and roll-out new ideas. Technical updates are easy-to-digest. 

Realize new economies
The Escher Platform fundamentally changes the economic game for posts allowing you to deliver increased profitability. Shift from a fixed to a variable cost base by optimising cost and resources at all points of engagement. 

Our Latest Innovations

A new Escher for a new era - Our purpose-built customer engagement platform is the answer. See how Escher Group transforms points of engagement for Posts.

Products & Services

 Engage customers across multiple points of engagement


Mobile Point of Service
It packs the benefits, services, and transactions of the Post Office into the postal workers pocket.


Pick-Up Drop-Off Locations 
Creating permanent or pop-up Pick-Up Drop-Off (PUDO) locations provides a practical way for Postal Operators to take advantage of the ever-increasing parcel market while also creating better customer engagement for their customers.


With system integration and quick roll-out. you can easily upgrade your current systems with Escher. Post Office counters are the backbone of all postal operations.


Transform customer experience by creating 24/7 postal services with Self-Service Kiosks. Building on the uptake of Self-Service Kiosks in traditional retail stores.

Customer References & Case Studies

Digital transformation leveraging PUDO for European logistics provider

This logistics provider chose Escher as its digital transformation partner. With a strong traditional retail network, it wanted to increase its parcel business in line with the growth in customer demand for online shopping. Using our technology the logistics provider expanded its network by thousands of locations within 3 months of implementing our mobile solution, diversifying its offerings and increasing profit.

Escher PUDO Video

Product Showcase
About Escher

Escher is an international leader in providing solutions for the postal industry. Escher is

•  a unique software platform, purpose-built for profitably transforming customer engagement for posts.

•  transforming the economics, speed and customer experience of post-retail and logistics.

•  supporting billions of customer transactions across thousands of points of engagement​​.

•  providing hundreds of tiered services within an optimized cost structure.

Infographic - Strategic Planning 2020
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