Thursday April 18, 2024
Why Escher?

Transforming Customer Engagement for Posts

The Escher Platform is a game-changer in allowing you to meet the needs of today's digitally savvy customers. Get to market faster. Activate new revenue streams. Optimize your revenue, cost and resource model at every point of engagement. Dynamically change the experience for your customers.

Transform points of engagement
Using The Escher Platform your customers can engage with your Post anywhere, anytime. Transform your channels, services, points of engagement and physical locations. 

Accelerate post
Their intelligent automation streamlines transactions and drives efficiency. The built-in system prompts accelerate agent performance at each point of engagement.

Drive continuous innovation
The Escher Platform allows you to continually deliver new transactions, services and innovation. You can quickly experiment, test and roll-out new ideas. Technical updates are easy-to-digest. 

Realize new economies
The Escher Platform fundamentally changes the economic game for posts allowing you to deliver increased profitability. Shift from a fixed to a variable cost base by optimising cost and resources at all points of engagement. 

Riposte Platform

Our unique software platform is purpose-built for profitably transforming customer experience for Post retail and logistics organizations. You can transform every point of engagement and deliver exceptional experience across every channel, service, engagement touchpoint, and physical location.

Customer Engagement

Engage customers across multiple points of engagement


Mobile Point of Service
Design a fluid retail experience by allowing branch workers to process transactions anywhere in the store with a mobile point of sale (mPOS) system.


Self-Service Kiosk
Automated Self-Service Kiosks provide your customers with always
available postal services in multiple locations.


Riposte PUDO allows Posts to quickly expand their reach, availability,
and access to customers through third-party outlets, agent networks,
or franchisees.


Counter Solutions
Process a wide range of Postal transactions from a single user interface.


Post Office on Demand
Post Office on Demand is an all-in-one solution that enables Posts to set up fully functional post offices in less than a day.


With Escher's Universal ePOS solution, Posts can offer full postal service
functionality in any third-party retail location, directly on the retailer's
existing POS system or payment devices.


Retail Analytics
With Retail Analytics, Posts can leverage the power of real-time analytics across their entire network, helping postal operators make informed decisions from a single source of thruth.


Customer References & Case Studies

Digital transformation leveraging PUDO for European logistics provider

This logistics provider chose Escher as its digital transformation partner. With a strong traditional retail network, it wanted to increase its parcel business in line with the growth in customer demand for online shopping. Using our technology the logistics provider expanded its network by thousands of locations within 3 months of implementing our mobile solution, diversifying its offerings and increasing profit.

Escher 3rd Party POS

Product Showcase
About Escher

Escher powers the world’s first and last mile deliveries, helping Posts connect nearly 1 billion consumers with global ecommerce networks. Postal operators rely on Escher to deliver an enhanced retail and digital customer experience, to activate new revenue streams, and to realize new delivery economics.

The company’s award-winning customer engagement platform, Riposte, and Escher’s full-service support helps Posts become next generation enablers of ecommerce. First and last mile delivery becomes streamlined, efficient, and profitable and is powered by the most customer-centric, low-cost, retail network imaginable. Posts can also rapidly expand and deepen all points of engagement with ease and in a highly cost-effective way.

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