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Why LetMeShip?

"Multi-carrier shipping solution - Simplify your shipping processes with Europe’s leading provider."


Our Latest Innovations

Product innovation LetMeShip CONNECT – the interface for multi-carrier shipping. 

The web service interface CONNECT offers the possibility of integrating different parts of shipping processes directly into an existing IT infrastructure. Customers can choose from 10 different functionalities such as labeling, tracking, archive, service selection and many more. Developers can implement the different functions with so-called methods to existing systems like ERP or warehouse management systems by using the SOAP more.

Products & Services

              Transparent and simple.

Standardise your shipment process and book your carrier, express and parcel shipments on one booking platform. 

LetMeShip DIRECT is your user-friendly multi-carrier corporate shipping management system. Book and label your shipments with your favoured service providers at any time and place, regardless of the type of shipping. Availability, prices, surcharges and shipping times are displayed at a single glance in a harmonised booking process. By harmonising the process in one overall system you will save expenses and more.

        Courier, Express and Parcel Services
    100 % Cost Transparency
    Automated Shipment Registration
    Automated Generation of Shipping Label
    All Types of Shipping and Related Services
    Hazardous Goods Shipping
    Proactive Shipment Tracking
    Comprehensive Shipment Archive

                      Simple and secure.                       

Integrate with the LetMeShip CONNECT webinterface your carriers directly into your ERP System or webshop.

LetMeShip CONNECT enables you to directly connect your existing IT system such as ERP or WaWi, as well as your online shop, with your shipping service providers using our SOAP-API. Choose your required methods and features and harmonise your more.

        Flexible Application Programming Interface (SOAP-API)
    Technical Support
    Test Environment Sandbox
    Version Control Management
    Track and Trace
    Shipment Data as CSV
    Multitude Methods
    Fallback Scenario

Customer References & Case Studies

Fabian Sinnig, Commerical Employee Supply Chain,
Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH

"With the integration of the LetMeShip CONNECT (API) into our  ERP we have been able to harmonise our whole shipping process within Microsoft Dynamics NAV."


Birgit Susdorf, Head of International Economic Activities and Shipment,
Steuler Holding GmbH 

"With just two clicks, we can see all KEP service providers at a glance. This has made our day-to-day work much easier."


Roger Banacki, Country Commodity Leader, GE Germany 

"Thanks to LetMeShip DIRECT, we were able to simplify our shipping process throughout the group. We can keep an eye on all our shipping expenses and manage them centrally."

Product Showcase
LetMeShip - ITA Consulting GmbH

LetMeShip is the brand name of ITA Consulting GmbH from Hamburg, which was founded in 2000. The LetMeShip branches around the world are operated by more than 75 highly motivated staff members.


  provides its business clients with a complete solution for handling international shipping.

  is capable of harmonizing decentralized shipping process, as well as reducing costs and saving time.

  ensures that the shipping needs of professional senders are covered, while maintaining a high degree of flexibility, independence, and full cost transparency.

  can be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure as a CONNECT (API) web service interface or be used in the form of the web application DIRECT.

Contact Information

Caroline Bergeest

LetMeShip - ITA Consulting GmbH
Hugh-Greene-Weg 4
22529 Hamburg Deutschland

Phone: +49 40 7344566-14
Fax: +49 40 7344566-99


LetMeShip – ITA Consulting GmbH
Hugh-Greene-Weg 4
22529 Hamburg


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