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Worldwide Shipping with LetMeShip

"Multi-carrier shipping solution: We ship everywhere, almost everywhere...."


Advantages of the multi-carrier shipping platform for B2B customers

Our main goal is to make the national and international shipping of documents, parcels and pallets as lean and simple as possible for businesses. This is what we offer:

        Time and cost savings in shipping through optimised shipping processes
    Free registration
    Direct access to leading shipping service providers
    Transparency when comparing prices and delivery times
    Tracking of the transport route of your shipment (Track & Trace)
    One collective invoice for all carriers
    No contract or volume commitments
    No hidden costs
    A personal contact from your first booking

A shipping and booking platform with flexible shipping options

The shipping options are diverse and, with the variety of carriers, also offer customers a wide range of shipping options for documents, parcels and pallets: 

        Standard and express shipping
    Worldwide import and export
    Special service shipping such as on-board courier and same-day delivery
    Air freight and emergency logistics
    Dangerous goods shipping
    Assistance with customs formalities

For all special enquiries and individual needs, an experienced customer service team with logistics and shipping expertise provides support. 

Product Showcase
LetMeShip - ITA Consulting GmbH

In February 2000, brothers Mark and Boris Winkelmann founded LetMeShip, the first online shipping platform for B2B customers in Europe. Since its founding in Hamburg, LetMeShip has grown steadily and today employs over 140 dedicated employees at 7 different locations in Europe to find the optimal solution for country-specific shipping requirements.


  provide companies with an all-in-one solution for handling national and international shipping.

  is capable of harmonizing decentralized shipping process, as well as reducing costs and saving time.

  ensures that the shipping needs of professional senders are covered, while maintaining a high degree of flexibility, independence, and full cost transparency.

  can either be used in form of a web application or simply be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure via our REST API.

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LetMeShip - ITA Consulting GmbH
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LetMeShip – ITA Consulting GmbH
Hugh-Greene-Weg 4
22529 Hamburg


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