Wednesday January 20, 2021

PUDOpoint Counters partners with ZigZag Global

PUDO partners with ZigZag Global
PUDO partners with ZigZag Global

PUDO has partnered with ZigZag Global to expand pick-up and drop-off locations and make returns more convenient for online shoppers across North America.

Through the partnership, retailers will benefit from a cost-effective returns process that improves customer satisfaction. Efficiencies in the delivery process will be passed on to their customers in the shape of returns certainty upon ordering, faster refund processing, and efficient parcel returns drop-off at PUDOpoint Counters.

Shoppers from some of the world’s most renowned brands make a return by going seamlessly from the retailer’s website to the ZigZag online platform. They will now be able to select which items in their basket they wish to return for either a refund or exchange, before selecting a PUDOpoint Counter for a simple local drop off.

The data analytics powering the ZigZag platform will then ensure the goods arrive back to the retailer in a timely and energy-efficient manner or resold or recycled in local markets. PUDOpoint Counters can be found across various businesses from small outlet stores to coffee shops across the US and Canada.

With 59% of people looking to consolidate shopping trips, ZigZag’s partnership with PUDOpoint Counters allows retail customers to get the most out of their excursions. Furthermore, the network helps the industry become more environmentally friendly as it reduces courier traffic and CO2 emissions by 50:1. Rather than winding down long country roads, looking for secluded houses off the main road, journeys are consolidated and delivered to known high-street addresses.

By adding PUDOpoint Counters to their extensive carrier network, ZigZag will allow retailers trading in North America to make their returns process far more sustainable and will reduce congestion in major cities. 

Lucie Custance, Head of Logistics at ZigZag, commented: “We are delighted to welcome PUDOpoint Counters to our carrier network. Pick-up drop-off services are quickly becoming the most popular choice for retailers and consumers alike.

“They provide a convenient and safe option for customers whilst negating the most challenging aspects of first and last-mile collections and deliveries.”

PUDO CEO Frank Coccia added: “I am particularly pleased and proud of our partnership with ZigZag Global. The inspiration for PUDO Inc was based largely on the time I spent in the UK, working in the e-commerce parcel pick-up and drop-off space — a space that was much more developed than it was and still is here in North America. 

“Thanks to visionary partners like ZigZag and our major online retailer and courier partners, the PUDOpoint Counters Network is making a serious economic and environmental dent in e-commerce universe by reducing or eliminating last-mile gridlock.”



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