Thursday September 29, 2022

Yodel boosts productivity with ProGlove wearable scanners

ProGlove MARK 2 glove scanner
ProGlove MARK 2 glove scanner

British parcel carrier Yodel has bought 1,000 glove scanners from ProGlove, a leader in wearable barcode scanners, to improve visibility, scan control and productivity at its 50 operational sites.

Yodel, which is investing in innovation and new technology to improve sorting and delivery of 190 million parcels a year, acquired 1,000 units of ProGlove’s MARK 2 glove scanners to augment trailer loading and service centre sortation.

According to the supplier, Yodel has already seen up to a 50% reduction in loading time for drivers on the shop floor as the new Yodel and Driver Courier App, and their new Under The Roof shop floor App with integration to the MARK 2 are deployed, keeping hands free and productive during load and sort operations.

ProGlove stressed that barcode scanning is a crucial step in the processing and delivery of every parcel. At Yodel, shop floor workers handle and scan thousands of parcels each day. Therefore, every second saved with each individual scan delivers an immediate impact.

MARK 2 saves up to four seconds per scan

Yodel selected MARK 2 from ProGlove for their on-going transformation agenda. ProGlove’s state-of-the-art glove scanner can save up to four seconds per scan. Operators wear the scanner by means of a sleeve on the back of the hand to always keep their hands free for work unlike a conventional scanner gun or device.

The MARK 2 comes with haptic, audible and visual feedback helping flag any scanning errors quickly, sustaining loading speed and guiding quality. Last but not least, MARK 2 only weighs some 40 grams meaning it is up to 15 times lighter than a traditional barcode scanner. Keeping workers’ hands free to work over the long shift days scanning over 7000 parcels per shift on one battery charge.

“Benefits right away”

Carl Moore, Chief Operations Officer at Yodel, said: “ProGlove’s technology has been a game-changer for us. Not only did ProGlove help us increase our service visibility and control of parcels across the business, but it has also reduced the shop floor time of our colleagues.”

He praised: “The ProGlove team have been great from day one, always on hand to support us and answer any questions and very pro-active on trials. However, the most impressive part of using ProGlove’s technology has been the fact that we could see its benefits almost instantly. There was no complicated integration or countless hours of training required to start using it.”

ProGlove, which claims to build the smallest, lightest, and toughest barcode scanners in the world, offers industrial wearables that connect the shopfloor worker to the Internet of Things, promote human-machine collaboration and drive digitization.


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