Thursday December 09, 2021

Supermarket chain Selver launches Cleveron’s innovative grocery robot

Cleveron 501 grocery robot at a Selver supermarket
Cleveron 501 grocery robot at a Selver supermarket

Selver, an Estonian supermarket chain, has installed the Cleveron 501 in front of the Peetri Selver grocery store outside Tallinn, which enables customers to receive online-ordered groceries without human contact.

Selver's CEO, Kristi Lomp, explained: "After having gone through the nationwide state of emergency, we can affirm that e-Selver is a completely queueless online store. We have streamlined our work processes to ensure that orders received in the morning are delivered on the same day.

“In case of a surge in demand, we guarantee that our online store will no longer have any queues. This grocery robot is another option to receive groceries and household goods conveniently."

According to Arno Kütt, Cleveron's CEO, it is delightful to see how innovative companies are deploying Cleveron's technology in Estonia.

Kütt added: "Selver and Cleveron were brought together by a common goal – to offer the best solutions for customers. All our products, from simple APMs to grocery robots, have to be easy-to-use and save time for end-users. Selver wants to offer just that."

Cleveron 501 is a unique robotic click and collect solution designed to offer curbside grocery pickup anywhere, anytime. Thanks to its two temperature zones, the grocery robot can store everything from vegetables to ice cream. Cleveron 501 brings grocers closer to customers and helps companies adjust to a growing number of online orders.

Cleveron's innovative last-mile solutions streamline click and collect processes in many different business sectors. Today, Cleveron's lockers and parcel robots deliver parcels, documents, car keys, rented items, and even prescription medicines in 25 countries. Cleveron's grocery robots are also used by Coop Estonia and Salling Group in Denmark.



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