Monday August 08, 2022

Metapack enables precise deliveries through what3words location technology

what3words app
what3words app

Metapack has become the world’s first eCommerce delivery technology company to enable the seamless passing of what3words addresses to logistics partners, creating the opportunity for precise on-time deliveries. 

The UK-based company, whose IT systems process more than 550 million packages a year sent by leading eCommerce retailers, said that using what3words addresses enabled efficient, consistent and highly accurate deliveries for its partners, particularly in the last mile. 

“It’s crucial to know exactly where a package should be dropped off, especially when fulfilling contact-free deliveries,” it commented.

Extremely precise locations

Metapack explained that what3words is a location technology that has divided the world into a grid of 3-meter squares and labelled each one with a unique combination of three words: a what3words address, available in 47 different languages.

“This means that every entrance has its own unique address, whether that’s a home front door, or a specific entry point to a warehouse or residential complex. It also means every parking space, garden shed and safe space can be easily identified as a delivery point,” it explained.

In contrast, street names are not unique; for example, there are over 4,000 Washington Streets in the USA, 37 different Victoria Roads in London and 632 Juarez Streets in Mexico City. Duplicated addresses can lead to customers accidentally selecting the wrong option from a drop-down menu.

Moreover, addresses are also not always precise. Zip codes frequently cover large areas, especially in rural locations. Map searches typically drop pins in the center of buildings, and many places, like large warehouses with multiple entrances, don’t have an accurate address.

Research has found that 19% of failed deliveries are caused by inaccurate address information, Metapack noted.

Improving customer experience

Duncan Licence, VP of Global Product, said: “I’m excited about the possibilities what3words’ innovative solution brings – we’re both trying to make a difference when it comes to first-time delivery at a time when it’s never been more important. 

“Now that we can accept what3words, logistics partners can receive a what3words address from any eCommerce retailer at the same time as all other necessary logistics information, helping them to drive efficiencies across their supply chain and logistic operations.”

Chris Sheldrick, co-founder and CEO of what3words, added: “Every eCommerce retailer that accepts a what3words address at checkout via our plugin is playing a key role in elevating the customer delivery experience.

“Enabling Metapack to receive a what3words address and pass it directly to carriers means that customers can provide extremely accurate delivery locations and receive their parcels first time, every time. It’s a simple addition that can truly make a huge difference to people all over the world.” 



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