Wednesday February 08, 2023

Metapack and Manhattan Associates team up

International delivery technology platform Metapack has launched its direct External Parcel Integration (EPI) with Manhattan Associates, a supply chain and omnichannel commerce technology provider.

The EPI provides retailers with frictionless access to a complete suite of supply chain and delivery solutions. It directly connects Manhattan Associates’ warehouse management system (WMS) and Metapack’s delivery management platform.

Retailers are thus provided with seamless access to both Manhattan Associates’ market leading WMS solution and Metapack’s breadth of eCommerce services.

The EPI connector is purpose-built, performance engineered and proven to reduce integration time and costs for retailers, by seamlessly utilising both Manhattan Associates WMS shipping capabilities and Metapack systems across global warehouse locations.

Furthermore, the EPI enables rapid implementation of Metapack Delivery Manager alongside Manhattan’s WMS with minimal work for the customer. In just 2-4 weeks, customers are up and running. Both systems work out of the box.

Duncan Licence, VP Global Product at Metapack, explained: “We’re thrilled to highlight the next stage in our partnership journey with Manhattan Associates and reveal our new EPI. The world has changed over the past few months and retail has accelerated in its growth towards a digital-first ecosystem.”

He added: “Retailers need to ensure they are investing in the right delivery management technology to meet new demands from consumers. At Metapack, we’re always listening to the needs of our customers and providing value – this joint EPI is a testament to that delivery promise.”

Eric Lamphier, Senior Director of Global Alliances at Manhattan Associates, commented: “Manhattan Associates has a long-standing partnership with Metapack and this integration between our two market leading solutions is the natural evolution of a shared vision of retailing.

“We’re excited to announce this integration and look forward to the continued benefits it will provide end-users all over the world.”

With the Metapack EPI, Manhattan Associates’ customers now have a single point of integration with over 400 shipping carriers and 4,900 delivery services in over 220 countries and territories. Customers can add these carriers and services quickly and easily with a fully compliant label library using a universal label format. Metapack also allows for centralised monitoring of carriers at a parcel level.

The new EPI gives Manhattan Associates’ customers access to all of Metapack’s powerful delivery options including “Click & Collect” and “Ship from Store” options. These options are designed to create amazing customer delivery experiences while driving conversion, increasing customer loyalty and reducing shopping cart abandonment. Metapack offers a wide range of convenient delivery options and far-reaching collection points including over 350,000 PUDO (Pick-Up/Drop-Off) locations.

Metapack’s Delivery Tracker builds trust with accurate end-to-end tracking while engaging customers and encouraging repeat business with branded experiences from order to delivery.

For returns, Metapack brings the world’s easiest international returns process to Manhattan Associates’ customers with a self-service returns portal and customer communications available in 25+ languages. Customers can also access a network of local warehouses around the world to receive and process returns faster.


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