Saturday December 02, 2023

Podcast - Thibault Guez explains Geopost's out-of-home strategy

Thibault Guez
Thibault Guez

Thibault Guez, Out-of-Home Project Director Europe at Geopost, discusses out-of-home delivery, including PUDOs, parcel lockers, delivery preferences and more:

  • What is out-of-home delivery?

  • Size of Geopost's out-of-home network

  • Getting closer to the consignee

  • Dominance of residential B2C delivery in some European markets

  • Understanding local cultural habits

  • Refrigerated parcel lockers

  • Striving for innovative out-of-home delivery solutions

  • Location of temperature-controlled lockers

  • Format of PUDO points / Parcel Shops

  • Changing rooms in Geopost Parcel Shops

  • Label-free returns

  • Digital labels

  • Increasing interconnection between Geopost delivery services

  • In-flight redirections

  • Maximising usage of parcel lockers

  • Anticipating parcel drop-offs at lockers and PUDOs

  • Role of consignee-facing app

  • Improving the customer experience via the app

  • Encouraging recipients to collect parcels quickly

SourceThe Postal Hub Podcast