Wednesday May 22, 2024

Podcast - Professor Roel Gevaers on forcing parcel locker networks to open up to other carriers

Roel Gevaers
Roel Gevaers

Should parcel locker networks be compelled to be “open”? Roel Gevaers, Professor in Last Mile Logistics and Supply Chain, University of Antwerp, discusses moves to force Belgian parcel lockers to accept parcels from other carriers.

  • bpost and Budbee operate the two most significant Belgian parcel locker networks

  • Where Budbee parcel lockers are generally located

  • Overview of major last mile operators in Belgium, by geographic area

  • Amazon’s entry into the Belgian last mile - and seeming absence from the parcel locker scene in Belgium

  • Why Belgian politicians are considering compelling all parcel locker networks to deliver parcels on behalf of all delivery companies

  • Discussion about environmental differences between residential delivery and out-of-home delivery (i.e. parcel lockers or PUDO points)

  • Consumer behaviour in collecting parcels

  • Previous attempt at open parcel locker network in Belgium

  • Commercial considerations in delivering parcels for other operators

  • Operational considerations in open parcel locker networks

  • Consumer enthusiasm for parcel lockers

  • Keeping service levels and customer satisfaction levels high

  • Comparisons with liberalisation of telecommunications

  • Utilisation of parcel lockers

  • Next steps in implementing the proposal

  • Update on definition of delivery contractors

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