Saturday June 22, 2024

Podcast - Pos Malaysia CEO Charles Brewer on transformation, strategy, and sustainability

Charles Brewer is CEO of Pos Malaysia <p>Picture: Marketforce/Leaders in Logistics
Charles Brewer is CEO of Pos Malaysia

Picture: Marketforce/Leaders in Logistics

In this interview with our content partner "Postal Hub Podcast", Pos Malaysia Group CEO Charles Brewer discusses the postal operator's transformation strategy and its sustainability push. Listen in to learn about:

  • The board's remit to transform and turnaround Pos Malaysia

  • No glitter without the basics!

  • The need to focus on core logistics functions, including parcel delivery performance

  • Understanding customers' needs

  • The three parts of Pos Malaysia's strategy: fix the basics, transforming the core, and creating incremental value

  • Competition in the Malaysian delivery sector

  • Monopoly on letters, improvement in quality of service

  • Different approach to regulated and non-regulated business

  • Value-add for mail

  • Transition from letter-centric to parcels-centric business

  • Inflation and spending power - impact on parcel volumes

  • Retailers in-sourcing logistics

  • Start-ups and new delivery entrants

  • Leveraging retail / post office network

  • Communicating with the parcel recipient

  • Using WhatsApp in parcel delivery notifications and interactions

  • USO - letters and post offices in rural areas

  • Pos Malaysia's sustainability roadmap

  • Introducing electric vehicles to the delivery fleet

  • Solar power in the Pos Malaysia network

The interview was recorded at the Leaders In Logistics event in London in March 2023.

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