Wednesday May 22, 2024

Podcast - International mail expert Kate Muth on the US Postal Service, terminal dues and cross-border deliveries

Kate Muth
Kate Muth

In this interview with our content partner "The Postal Hub Podcast", international mail expert Kate Muth, Executive Director at IMAG, discusses the US Postal Service's international business, terminal dues and cross-border deliveries, including:

  • USPS plans for international mail

  • USPS's focus on domestic matters and business

  • What pushed USPS rates high?

  • Why USPS lost business during COVID

  • What's the plan to win business back

  • Competing on price

  • Alternatives to competing on price

  • Highlights of USPS research on international mail

  • Decline in international revenue

  • Net importer or net exporter of mail?

  • List being the carrier of last resort, even in international sales.

  • Stopping illicit substances in the mail

  • AED / EAD

  • Changing the de minimis threshold

  • Where illicit drugs are entering the US and the mailstream

  • AED on letters and large letters (flats)

  • US legislation impacting the postal sector creating global standards

  • WILDS - Women in Logistics and Delivery Sector - update


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