Saturday December 02, 2023

Podcast - Consultant Dean Maciuba analyses recent UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon developments

Dean Maciuba
Dean Maciuba

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner (USA) for Crossroads Parcel Consulting, discusses the ramifications of the UPS - Teamsters deal, FedEx’s cost-cutting, USPS reform, and Amazon delivery contractors.

  • Impact of UPS’s deal with Teamsters

  • How UPS was travelling prior to striking a deal with the union

  • FedEx’s efforts to reduce its operating costs

  • Amalgamation of FedEx’s Ground and Express networks

  • FedEx’s improved competitiveness with UPS

  • UPS parcel volume loss

  • Losing low-margin residential e-commerce business

  • Potential for lay-offs at UPS

  • UPS’s focus on high-revenue express business

  • FedEx’s low-cost contractor model

  • Potential for UPS-Teamsters deal to raise wages across the sector

  • Earning potential of Amazon drivers

  • The war for talent in the last mile

  • Amazon remuneration of Delivery Service Partners

  • Employee/contractor classification issue

  • FedEx’s experiences with mis-classification

  • Dynamic pricing and surcharges in the USA

  • The costs behind peak season

  • Granularity of dynamic pricing

  • Lack of transparency in parcel pricing

  • US Postal Service reorganisation under PMG Louis DeJoy

  • Volume decline at USPS

  • Changes to USPS ground services

  • USPS investing more in sales and communications

  • Amazon’s encroachment into non-metro delivery

  • Rural delivery surcharges

  • Peak season preparations

  • The extension of peak season

SourceThe Postal Hub Podcast