Thursday April 18, 2024

Podcast - Swiss Post transports more mail and parcels by rail

Titus Bütler
Titus Bütler

Titus Bütler, Head of Transport at Swiss Post, explains why and how Swiss Post is moving more mail and parcels by rail.

  • How demands for speed and flexbility drove growth of road freight in the past

  • Energy efficiency of rail vs trucks

  • Rail terminals at Swiss Post logistics centres

  • Ecological and economic benefits of prioritising rail

  • Hybrid locomotives going into logistics centres

  • Length vs speed of freight trains

  • Rail being used for letters and parcels

  • Special mail wagons

  • Moving mail and parcels from logistics centres to rail terminals

  • Dedicated postal trains

  • Congestion on Swiss railway network

  • Operating mail trains during the day and night

  • Meeting delivery punctuality targets

  • Using narrow gauge railways

  • Swiss Post's sustainability strategy, including delivering using electric vehicles in the last mile

SourceThe Postal Hub Podcast