Saturday May 25, 2024

Podcast - Kati Nevalainen (Matkahuolto) on delivering parcels across Finland and the Nordics

Kati Nevalainen
Kati Nevalainen



Kati Nevalainen, Director, Parcel Services at Matkahuolto, discusses parcel delivery across Finland and the Nordics:






  • History of Matkahuolto carrying parcels

  • Matkahuolto's public transport roots

  • B2B, B2C and C2C deliveries

  • Interacting with C2C via mobile apps as well as in-store

  • Residential delivery and out-of-home delivery

  • Matkahuolto's service point network

  • Finnish consumers' delivery preferences

  • Size of Matkahuolto's parcel locker network and service point network

  • Density of out-of-home network

  • Location of Matkahuolto parcel lockers

  • Cross-border delivery and delivery partners, including Omniva, GLS and Bring

  • Matkahuolto's sustainability commitments

  • Customer experience and parcel lockers

  • Using agnostic parcel locker networks and own parcel locker network

  • Smartmile acquisition

  • Publishing parcel locker data

  • Redirecting parcels to nearby PUDO points

SourceThe Postal Hub Podcast