Saturday June 22, 2024

Podcast - Kathleen Cauwelier discusses the green delivery attitude-behaviour gap

Kathleen Cauwelier - PhD Researcher at Mobilise VUB
Kathleen Cauwelier - PhD Researcher at Mobilise VUB




Kathleen Cauwelier, PhD Researcher at Mobilise VUB, discusses her recent research on the green delivery attitude-behaviour gap, including consumers’ willingness to select "green" delivery options.






  • How consumers say they want to behave and how they actually act

  • Defining the attitude-behaviour gap

  • Survey understanding consumers’ delivery preferences and habits

  • Identifying groups of consumers with common attitudes towards green delivery, including the careless consumer, and ignorant consumers

  • Education of consumers so they can understand environmental impact of their delivery choices

  • Consumers’ willingness to pay for greener delivery options

  • What should the delivery sector do next to help consumers make greener delivery decisions?

  • Difference in actual consumer behaviour relating to green delivery across different clusters of consumers


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SourceThe Postal Hub Podcast