Saturday May 25, 2024

Podcast - Karin Enzlin on bpost's carbon calculator for parcel delivery emissions

Karin Enzlin, Head of Sustainability at bpost
Karin Enzlin, Head of Sustainability at bpost




Belgian postal operator bpost has launched its carbon calculator, which estimates the carbon emissions associated with domestic parcels. Karin Enzlin, Head of Sustainability at bpost, discusses how the carbon calculator works and what it could mean for e-commerce delivery.




  • Background on bpost’s environmental and sustainability strategy and ambitions

  • Electrifying the last mile and using out-of-home delivery

  • Emission-free delivery in Ecozones

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

  • Lowering emissions

  • Reporting bpost’s emissions to e-commerce retailers

  • How bpost’s carbon calculator tool works

  • Validating the carbon calculator and complying with standards

  • Applicable for bpost parcels in Belgium

  • Predicting parcel emissions and future improvements to the carbon calculator

  • Helping consumers understand the environmental impact of different delivery options

  • How the carbon calculator tool will help bpost reduce its own emissions

  • Standardisation and regulation of last mile delivery emissions reporting, including conversations with Belgian regulator BIPT

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