Friday February 23, 2024

Podcast - Update on international parcels with Kate Muth

Kate Muth (IMAG)
Kate Muth (IMAG)



Kate Muth, Executive Director at IMAG, discusses developments in international parcels:






  • Being awarded the Megan J Brennan Award by WILDS - Women in Logistics and Delivery Sector

  • US de minimis threshold - currently $800

  • Modernisation of US Customs

  • STOP Act 2.0 update

  • AED / EAD exemptions

  • Opioid crisis, counterfeiting and forced labour

  • Inbound parcel volumes under the de minimis threshold

  • US outbound international mail

  • ICS2

  • Brazil e-commerce compliance

  • Indonesian regulations on e-commerce and social media

  • Making cross-border shopping seamless

  • Improving AED/EAD compliance

SourceThe Postal Hub Podcast