Thursday April 18, 2024

Podcast - New e-commerce trends impacting delivery

Carmen Cureu - Market Research Director at Geopost
Carmen Cureu - Market Research Director at Geopost

Carmen Cureu, Market Research Director at Geopost, discusses some of the details in the 2023 edition of Geopost's e-shopper barometer.

  • The factors driving modern e-commerce

  • Why convenience is important

  • E-commerce allowing customers to find bargains

  • Decisions shoppers make when purchasing online

  • Products need to be aligned with consumers' expectations

  • Barriers to e-shoppers returning to an e-commerce website

  • Consumers want to avoid returns

  • Cost and environmental considerations of e-commerce returns

  • Inconvenience to consumers of dealing with returns

  • Statistics on e-commerce returns

  • C2C e-commerce embraced by online shoppers

  • Social selling, and how it showcases products

  • Home delivery popularity trends

  • Tracking, rescheduling, and predictability for home delivery

  • Next day delivery, alternative delivery locations, and out-of-home delivery

  • E-commerce product categories across Europe


Download the Geopost E-shopper barometer 2023/24 edition.

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