Saturday July 20, 2024

Podcast - Bumper end-of-year episode

Kevin Seller, Chief Sales Officer, Escher
Kevin Seller, Chief Sales Officer, Escher


In this special end-of year episode, Jonathan Bouaziz (Kardinal), Kevin Seller (Escher), Will Simpson (Kantar) and David Spottiswood (Hurrican) cover different aspects of the postal and delivery world.




Jonathan Bouaziz, CEO at Kardinal, discusses:

  • Optimising PUDO networks

  • Understanding the implications of making changes to a PUDO network

  • Merging letter and parcel delivery

  • Creating delivery efficiency in combining letter and parcel last mile delivery

  • Frequency of delivery, including in rural areas


Kevin Seller, Chief Sales Officer at Escher, covers:

  • Analysis of major issues facing post office networks

  • Variabilizing costs in fixed networks

  • Using self-service in post office networks

  • Tailoring range of services in different post offices

  • Returns at post offices

  • Post offices at e-commerce distribution hubs

  • Simplifying IT in post office networks


Will Simpson, Client Director at Kantar's Postal & Logistics unit, discusses:

  • Changes in postal regulatory environment

  • Service quality, price, and competition

  • Regulation and parcel delivery

  • Sustainability in delivery and logistics

  • Measuring effectiveness of mail


David Spottiswood, co-founder at Hurricane, covers:

  • ICS2 implementation update

  • Providing the right data to ensure uplift with airlines

  • New legislation and de minimis changes

  • Enforcement of existing cross-border legislation

  • Customs and border protection

  • Cross-border returns

  • C2C cross-border shipments, including post office lodgements

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