Tuesday September 21, 2021

Zebra’s technologies increase warehouse productivity by 24%

Zebra HD4000 Enterprise Head Mounted Display
Zebra HD4000 Enterprise Head Mounted Display

Zebra Technologies has announced new intuitive warehouse offerings designed to optimize workflows, maximize productivity in the warehouse and improve employee onboarding.

Offering a modern user experience that leverages Zebra’s Android-based mobile computers and innovative optional accessories like the new enterprise-class HD4000 head-mounted display, Zebra FulfillmentEdge transforms existing warehouse management systems (WMS).

This is achieved by enabling real-time dynamic workflows and routing mobile workers for picking, packing and put-away — without costly and risky upgrades or backend changes.

Furthermore, Zebra also introduced the new single-finger RS5100 wireless ring scanner, providing mobile workers with an ultra-light hands-free scanning option for increased productivity in industrial environments.

According to Zebra’s recent 2024 Warehousing Vision Study, IT and operational decision makers are already taking steps to upgrade their facilities and WMS platforms. Findings show that 54% of surveyed organizations plan to implement full-featured WMS and mobile worker execution systems by 2024.

Accordingly, FulfillmentEdge integrates existing real-time WMS data with real-time location information, providing visibility into the location of workers, inventory and material handling assets. The solution then analyses the information and creates real-time workflows delivered as electronic tasks that can contain visual directions to the next pick location and photos of the item to ensure picking accuracy.

Now, one worker can simultaneously pick multiple orders, enabling businesses to dramatically increase order fulfilment times and boost worker productivity up to 24%.

Joe White, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Mobile Computing at Zebra Technologies, explained: “The on-demand economy is placing pressure on warehouse operations to quickly fulfil more orders than ever before, requiring a highly productive and efficient workforce.

“Zebra’s intuitive FulfillmentEdge software and optional HD4000 head-mounted display provide mobile workers with clear, step-by-step instructions that reduce training time by 90% to allow near-instant onboarding while decision-makers benefit from the real-time insights and analytics that enable better data-driven decisions.”

Moreover, the rugged, monocular HD4000 head-mounted display is an optional accessory for select mobile computers capable of running the FulfillmentEdge solution. It tethers via USB, providing all-day power and increased productivity to warehouse, manufacturing and field service workers who can benefit from hands-free, directed-action workflows.

Lastly, Zebra also announced the rugged, single-finger RS5100 Bluetooth ring scanner that helps improve worker productivity by freeing up workers’ hands for inventory management, picking, packing and sorting applications in industrial environments.

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