Friday March 24, 2023

VanRiet and OCM rebrand as MHS

European-based postal and parcel industry suppliers VanRiet and OCM, formerly part of the MHS family, have announced their rebranding as MHS, providing a unified brand identity to customers.

Material Handling Systems (MHS) is a US-based provider of advanced parcel sortation systems, custom engineering, design and manufacturing. The company has a globally installed base of over $5 billion for small to large distribution and fulfilment projects in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, parcel and third-party logistics.

MHS expanded into Europe with its first office in November 2017, then acquired Dutch sorting systems company VanRiet and Italian firm OCM in 2018. Since the acquisitions, MHS has worked to support the research and development of new technologies, and market advanced automated solutions to a growing global market, backed with responsive local support.

For VanRiet and OCM, the rebrand represents a significant step in their evolution as part of a one-stop-shop of material handling automation and software solutions, with experienced cross-functional teams consisting of professionals and reinforced specialties.

Markus Augeneder, the company’s CEO of International, responsible for MHS operations outside the U.S, commented: “Consolidating legacy brands into a single MHS identity is an important step to portray our broad capabilities and consistent customer experience worldwide.

“Since becoming part of the MHS family, our European businesses have strengthened our core values of reliability, trust and innovation to take care of our customers and support the continued global expansion of MHS.”

Scott McReynolds, CEO and Co-Founder, MHS Global, added: “Meeting global e-commerce demand requires immense materials handling infrastructure and fuels our vision for MHS as a turnkey solutions provider with best-in-class automation technology and support.

“This rebranding gives us the strong global identity to continue our growth trajectory in a fast-paced logistics market.”

Other recent MHS acquisitions include Atronix and Advanced Production Systems in October 2017, A2i Systems in July of 2018 and eMotion in 2020, bolstering the company’s controls, software, integration, engineering and lifecycle service capabilities.

SourceMHS Global

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