Tuesday January 19, 2021

Vanderlande launches updated DIRECTSORT system

Vanderlande has launched the next instalment of DIRECTSORT, its modular solution that sorts parcels from the moment they are unloaded from trailers, vans or load carriers, at Parcel + Post Expo 2019 in Amsterdam.

The latest evolution comes in configurable modules, tailored to the specific needs of each parcel depot. This helps to reduce the initial investment and puts the right volume at the client’s disposal at the right time. It also permits the introduction of new technologies, which can reduce the dependency on manual labour, facilitate growth and reduce operational costs.

The modular configuration of DIRECTSORT means that it can be easily adjusted to each sorting center ongoing needs and expanded to match future requirements. New modules can be fully tested and integrated in an extremely short period of time, mitigating any operational impact. In addition, DIRECTSORT is highly robust in terms of maintenance and handling changes in the parcel flows.

“The drive towards automation continues to grow as both labour and space become scarcer,” explains Vanderlande’s Market Director Parcel, Rob Qualm. “This means that parcel companies must maximise the throughput from existing and future assets, while delivering the highest possible service level to their customers. DIRECTSORT can help to match the flows with changing market demand.”

Vanderlande also showcased ‘The hub of the future’, its vision on how sortation-on-demand solutions – modular and scalable by design – help to answer the continuous need for convenient delivery windows, consolidated and high-speed deliveries, easy returns, and parcel tracking.



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