Wednesday February 08, 2023

UPS delivers vaccine freezers to Nigeria

UPS delivers vaccine freezers to Nigeria
UPS delivers vaccine freezers to Nigeria

The UPS Foundation has donated 22 portable ultra-cold storage freezers to the Nigerian Ministry of Health, driving equity and ensuring vaccines are delivered to remote communities safely and securely.

UPS stressed that efforts to reach these underserved communities are paramount given that only 25% of the African continent is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Bolstering cold chain infrastructure with portable freezers is steadily reducing vaccine loss and increasing accessibility.

Global distribution

While COVID-19 spread throughout the world, the pandemic has not impacted all populations equally. UPS has delivered over 1.5 billion COVID-19 vaccines globally with more than 50 million of those to vulnerable areas with limited resources. UPS also helped deliver nearly 600 portable cold chain freezers and vaccine carrying cases to countries with the most urgent storage needs.

Through public and private partnerships like this one, UPS has been able to take initiatives that bridge gaps in vaccine access and expedite distribution of critical medicines in hard-to-reach areas of the world.

Support for Africa

UPS logistics experts are also working around Africa as part of the UPS Experts on Mission program. These professionals host trainings and provide resources on how to solve supply chain challenges, including how to develop cold chain proficiency in remote areas.

“We’ve so far trained 340 ministry workers in in Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi and Mauritania, and we are working to develop safe vaccine waste management solutions across the Africa,” UPS stated.

The UPS Foundation has pioneered new delivery programs to reach underserved populations, including through on-demand access to quality healthcare as well as COVID-19 vaccine doses by drone in Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria via The UPS Foundation partnerships with Zipline & Gavi, and Malawi via its partnership with Swoop Aero and VillageReach.



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