Sunday August 09, 2020

Trans-o-flex deploys Zebra’s technologies for increased efficiency

Zebra's RS507 cordless ring scanner
Zebra's RS507 cordless ring scanner

Zebra Technologies has announced that German logistics provider trans-o-flex has deployed its full mobility solution to streamline driver efficiency workflows.

This includes Android mobile touch computers with staging tool software, cordless ring scanners and visibility services. Operational effectiveness in its ordering and parcel tracking processes will be increased in particular.

trans-o-flex, a German express transport and logistics company with national hubs, specializes in pharmaceutical and medical products distribution in temperature-controlled environments of 2–8˚C and 15–25˚C.

Kratzer Automation, a Zebra PartnerConnect Premier Solution Partner, collaborated with trans-o-flex and recommended the TC56 touch computers along with Zebra’s comprehensive support and services.

Stefan Fuss, IT System Architecture Department Manager at trans-o-flex, commented: “The TC56 offers high-performance scanning as well as a WAN interface. Moreover, it is easy to use and intuitive with excellent user uptake and feedback along with minimal or no training, which is imperative in an industry with a shorter staff tenure. Zebra Technologies is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to Android implementation.”

In total, 4,000 TC56 touch computers running “trans-o-flex easy,” an in-house Android order application, are used by trans-o-flex drivers and warehouse workers. The devices were prepared using Zebra’s StageNow Android device staging tool.

Drivers use TC56 devices to check loading, navigation and route-planning, delivery schedules and management, including Proof of Delivery (POD) and signatures in addition to photographing damaged packages and logging delivery issues.

All TC56 captured data is updated in real time to trans-o-flex’s own in-house, back office systems. Warehouse operators also use Zebra RS507 cordless ring scanners to track parcel loading and unloading. This results in time savings and operational efficiencies, both externally for drivers and internally for depot workers.

Senior Account Manager, Thomas Bittner, explained: “The TC56 touch computers meet trans-o-flex’s driver and warehouse operator needs. This Android migration deployment has increased trans-o-flex’s operational effectiveness and helped future-proof its warehouse operations. Helping trans-o-flex stay competitive and efficient in the long term gives the company a performance edge.”

Additionally, trans-o-flex has started using Zebra’s VisibilityIQ Foresight, an intelligent data-driven analytics solution, for checking device battery status. Enhanced battery management from regular checks has resulted in improved resource allocation and an increase in overall productivity. There are also plans to use more VisibilityIQ device management features in the near future.

SourceZebra Technologies

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