Friday June 09, 2023

SwipBox triples revenue in 2021 in record-breaking business year

Jens Rom
Jens Rom

Smart parcel locker network provider Swipbox has revealed that it more than tripled its turnover from DKK 78 million (€10.4 million) in 2020 to DKK 242 million (€32.5 million) in 2021.

The Danish company also reported earnings of DKK 88 million (€11.8 million) following a hugely successful year which saw it install more than 150,000 parcel locker compartments worldwide.

SwipBox puts its success down to its new Infinity parcel locker, which runs on a battery and requires neither Wi-Fi nor mobile data connection for operation. This means that the parcel locker can be installed in “less than five minutes, enabling extremely flexible networks,” the company noted.

More customers

In addition to the installation of more than 150,000 locker compartments worldwide, which tripled its installed network, Swipbox also doubled the number of customers using its solutions. To date, the company has lockers in 47 different countries.

In 2021, Swipbox announced several key contracts including in Israel with ORIAN, which is part of the DB Schenker network. This project will see the nationwide rollout of SwipBox’s Infinity lockers in 2022. SwipBox has also worked with Finland’s Lehtipiste to expand its parcel locker network to more than 2,400 parcel lockers across 600 locations.

Looking back over the past year, Chairman of the Board of Directors Lars-Christian Brask, said: “We’ve sharpened our strategic focus and sold our shares in the Danish parcel locker network named Nærboks, allowing us to focus 100% on delivering parcel locker networks to our customers. The good result can be attributed to the management team and employees at SwipBox, who have consistently executed the strategy laid out.”

According to Swipbox CEO, Jens Rom, the company’s journey has “only just begun” and in 2022 it hopes to hit new ambitious goals, which involve the expansion of existing networks and establishing a presence in new countries.

Rom said: “We are fortunate to have extremely visionary owners, whose confidence in our long-term strategy has now paid off. But it doesn’t end here – we’ve only just begun.”

CEP-Research spoke exclusively to Swipbox’s Commercial Director, Brian Jonasson, at the end of 2021, about how the company is analysing its network data to determine the ideal parcel locker network. Read more here.

SourceSwipbox, CEP-Research

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