Saturday October 16, 2021

Sitma targets Dutch e-logistics through VMS partnership

Gianluca Rossi
Gianluca Rossi

Italian CEP industry system supplier Sitma Machinery has teamed up with Dutch company VMS to target the country’s fast-growing e-logistics market.

VMS has been representing Sitma in the Netherlands and in Flanders for e-commerce logistics and packaging since the start of January, and the two companies are already working intensively on a program of joint actions in the areas of marketing and sales.

Sitma specializes in the design and construction of automated machines and systems for in-line packaging production and distribution while VMS focuses on automating internal supply chain flows and logistics systems.

Under their “Here and Now” partnership, the two firms are initially focusing on solutions dedicated to the world of packaging for ecommerce.

Sitma highlighted the rapid growth of the e-logistics sector in the Netherlands driven by the increase in domestic and cross-border online retail sales. For example, there is a surge in shipments to the Netherlands from EU countries, especially Germany and Denmark, as well as from countries outside the EU, such as China, the UK, USA and Canada.

Gianluca Rossi, Director of Sales & Marketing at Sitma, said: "The know-how and competence of VMS’s technical team allows the company to provide support and maintenance on complex high-speed machines in high demanding markets.

“The back-office support with spare parts and supplies is certainly a plus, in addition to the deep knowledge of the logistics market, which immediately made us lean towards this collaboration. It is extremely important for us to make Sitma and its solutions known, but it is even more important to be there for customers even after the sale.”

Niels van der Sloot, owner and founder of VMS, added: "Sitma solutions are perfectly placed in the context of technological integration in the intralogistics field, which in VMS we have built over the last 10 years, through the offer of complete solutions for packaging operations, production processes and internal logistics ranging from robotics to sorting and palletising to AGVs.”

Based near Modena, Sitma Machinery operates in more than 70 countries and has more than 9,000 machines installed worldwide. Outside Italy, it has three branches in France, the United States and Japan, together with an extensive international sales network.

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