Thursday September 24, 2020

Siemens launches innovative Misplaced Item Clearer

Siemens Logistics is bringing to market the world’s first Misplaced Item Clearer (MIC) to improve operations with cross-belt sorters in parcel sorting centers.

The innovative device uses sensors to detect items that, due to their small size and low weight, are inadvertently positioned in between cross-belts. MIC automatically removes them using compressed air and moves them into an outlet. Consignments can thus be processed immediately without interrupting sorter operations.

Express distribution centers at airports, with small time windows during which parcels need to be processed and distributed to connecting flights, will in particular benefit from MIC, according to the German supplier.

“It is our aim to optimally support our customers and to offer them innovative products with the highest benefit,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. "The MIC hits the mark here, especially for e-commerce shipments. The new development means that delivery time commitments are even better met and costs are reduced.”

The MIC addresses a common problem in sorting centers, according to the company. Many small-sized and light-weight e-commerce items shift, roll or tilt during induction. They often end up on the cover between cross-belt carriers.

These items not only cause shipping delays but can also lower the sorter’s overall capacity by blocking the respective cross-belt carrier. Staff often needs to manually remove these misplaced parcels from the system at the end of the shift, when the sorter is stopped. This causes delays, which in turn entail high costs, it explained.

The MIC can be easily and quickly integrated. The device is installed at the sorter itself, independently from the sorter manufacturer and without requiring integration into the system’s IT. An intelligent sensor system detects misplaced parcels lying on the cover plates and determines their exact positions. A valve unit with nozzles automatically and precisely blows them from the sorter into a designated outlet or chute.

SourceSiemens Logistics

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