Thursday July 07, 2022

Scandit develops delivery app to protect customers and employees

Scandit's contactless scanning solution
Scandit's contactless scanning solution

Scanning software provider Scandit has developed a technology to offer proof of delivery for the contactless reception of parcels.

As companies responsible for deliveries to homes or businesses have already implemented contactless delivery policies to protect the health of employees and customers, Scandit has set out to solve the problem of not being able to record a customer signature when leaving items in letterboxes or in front of doors.

Even the act of finger-signing on a device screen for a delivery makes it difficult, if not impossible for drivers and customers to maintain the level of hygiene and social distance required to avoid spreading the virus consistently.

To address the urgent need, Scandit developed a new contactless proof of delivery web app that enables customers to continue to sign and confirm receipt of grocery goods and parcels by using their own devices, simply and safely. The web app is available now for immediate deployment.

Until September 30, Scandit offers the app for free to help during the crisis. The app ensures proof of delivery is recorded, without anyone touching anyone else’s device.

When a driver arrives with a delivery, the recipient only needs to scan a QR code to open the web page with the proof of delivery functionality, then scan the package and sign on their own device to confirm delivery and receipt.

Scandit described the process as “quick and simple” without any need to download anything, or log-in anywhere because the QR code starts the process. The barcode scanning functionality that drives the contactless proof of delivery process is provided by Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web and works in the browser of any device.


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