Tuesday September 22, 2020

Quadient launches mail automation platform Quadient Impress

Quadient (formerly Neopost) has launched Quadient Impress, a user-friendly outbound document automation platform that automates the customer communication workflow for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

The comprehensive cloud-based platform provides the flexibility to prepare and send single or batch transactional documents to customers through any combination of channels—print, digital or outsourced.

Quadient Impress is a major milestone in fulfilling the company’s ambition to consolidate and streamline its independent Business Process Automation solutions into a single software platform.

Quadient Impress’s suite of applications includes:

► Impress Automate automates repetitive manual tasks related to the creation, distribution and output of critical customer communications such as invoices, statements, notices, and letters.

► Impress Portal allows users to send customer communications through eco-friendly, branded and secure document portals.

► Impress Dispatch enables business users to prepare outgoing ad hoc communications at their desktops and send them to a centralized mail production center or a dedicated customer portal.

► Outsourced Hybrid Mail enables employees to prepare and send mail with just a few clicks at their desktop, which then gets physically mailed from an external location.
Additionally, Quadient is accelerating its Business Process Automation business with cross-selling and bundles among its Mail-Related Solutions customers across all segments.

With a majority of Quadient’s 500,000 Mail-Related Solutions customer base being SMBs, the company is well positioned to quicken SMBs’ transition to more digitalized and automated processes.

“We are excited to introduce Quadient Impress to help SMBs overcome the challenges of rising customer expectations, government mandates and an increasingly remote workforce,” said Alyna Wnukowsky, chief solution officer, Business Process Automation at Quadient.

“We have a deep understanding of the challenges of SMBs, which often have no IT teams, limited infrastructure or process specialists. With Quadient Impress, they benefit from innovative technology that does not require major IT resources to implement or maintain. The
applications and services integrated into the Impress platform offer customers a comprehensive solution that saves time, reduces their costs, eliminates risk and improves the customer experience.”

CEO Geoffrey Godet added: “We are witnessing the health crisis forcing our small and medium size customers to adopt new digital tools at record speed to maintain business continuity and stay connected with their clients.

“The introduction of Quadient Impress is another milestone to fulfill our mission supporting digital transformation for companies of all sizes.”



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