Monday May 23, 2022

Quadient announces new Parcel Locker Lite solution

Quadient's Parcel Locker Lite solution
Quadient's Parcel Locker Lite solution

Quadient (formerly Neopost) has globally launched new compact and modular parcel lockers, designed to accelerate the adoption of parcel locker delivery and automated pickup solutions.

The new Parcel Locker Lite solution is designed for the retail and parcel carrier markets, where the need for practical, light and easy-to-install parcel lockers is particularly high. These markets face booming click-and-collect parcel volumes as a result of the continuous growth of e-commerce. More recently, the COVID-19 crisis also created more traction for safe delivery solutions.

Quadient’s parcel locker solutions provide businesses with the tools to ensure business continuity, while optimizing staff time and meeting parcel management needs.

However, while it is important that they remain agile and provide an enhanced experience for their customers, retail stores and carriers’ pick-up points do not necessarily have the space or the resources to manage parcel delivery and collection in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The new Parcel Pending Lite solution aims at accelerating the adoption of parcel locker solutions by customers with smaller areas and lower volumes of parcels. With a compact modular design and an affordable cost, Parcel Pending Lite lockers can be easily installed in small shops handling a limited number of parcels on a daily basis.

These businesses can then offer their customers the same modern, convenient and easy to use parcel pick-up service as large stores. The scalable design gives the capacity to start with the exact number of boxes needed to fit the parcel volumes and available space, a configuration that evolves as activity grows.

The Parcel Pending Lite technology has also been designed to optimize the total cost of ownership, with an easy and quick set-up process as well as low maintenance costs.

Parcel Pending Lite’s phased launch is scheduled to start in the coming weeks in France, UK, USA, and Japan, where the solution will carry the brand PUDO Lite. The product comes in different versions to fit market specifications in each country and meet the unique needs of retailers and carriers.

The Lite technology is a market innovation that has already captured the interest of Yamato, Japan’s leader in logistics, which has made a commitment to acquire 3,000 units for its pick-up and drop-off sites that include convenience stores, train stations, supermarkets and drugstores. Roll-out is expected to start as soon as this summer and continue through 2023.

Daniel Malouf, chief solution officer, Parcel Locker Solutions at Quadient, commented: “Parcel Pending Lite by Quadient is the solution that disrupts the parcel delivery and collection landscape as we know it today, bringing the automated parcel pickup experience to retail stores of all sizes, even your favourite small store across the street.”

Quadient also announced the adoption of the “Parcel Pending by Quadient” brand across its entire parcel locker portfolio in North America and Europe, leveraging the acquisition in 2019 of Parcel Pending, the leading package solution provider for residential, commercial, retail and universities across the United States and Canada.

Unifying the parcel locker portfolio under a brand with established market recognition enables the company to continue delivering innovative last-mile solutions in an efficient and consistent manner around the globe.

Geoffrey Godet, chief executive officer of Quadient, added: “As we launch Parcel Pending Lite today, we continue to demonstrate the successful outcome of the synergies initiated with our Back to Growth strategy.

“The main objectives were severalfold: to operate truly as one company, with a common marketing vision, a centralized development and management of the product portfolio, greater consistency in the offering from one region to another, as well as stronger synergies both in R&D and in the supply chain. Thanks to these efforts, Quadient is able to bring to its customers the only true modular intelligent parcel locker solution in the market today.”


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