Saturday January 22, 2022

Prime Vision announces successful trial of asset tracking solution

Prime Vision's solar powered asset tracker
Prime Vision's solar powered asset tracker

Dutch solution supplier Prime Vision and its technology partner TWTG have successfully performed a limited production run (LPR) of their joint asset tracking solution for a major national post in Asia Pacific.

Already in May 2019, the two teams proved the solution’s robust ability to track objects between two parcel centres. They demonstrated in over 14 use-cases the adaptability and ease of the solution by simultaneously tracking 100 roll cages tagged with BLE trackers, operating in real-world conditions.

The Prime Vision IoT platform that managed the solution is based upon the company’s experience gained from delivering next-generation event platforms for multiple international customers.

Additionally, the application was configured to demonstrate increased functionality, such as track and trace of the roll cages, allowing the customer to track assets not just within the hubs, or in transportation between the two locations, but crucially also the dwell time at each facility.

The resulting information was then displayed on a dashboard that allows the user to make decisions based on data. According to Prime Vision, the postal operator welcomes the software’s ability to create detailed reports that enable it to make decisions based on the latest information, especially when, for example, combined with traffic or weather information.

For the purpose of the LPR, 100 TWTG trackers were mounted to the roll cages and registered in the asset tracking IoT platform, giving each roll cage a unique identity within the system.

The trackers communicate actively via a Bluetooth low-energy protocol, which, when utilized with specialized gateways, regularly updates the system as to the whereabouts of the customer’s assets. Thanks to the energy-harvesting capabilities of each tracker, the concern about battery lifetime becomes irrelevant.

In total, seven gateways were installed in the two facilities, each designed to receive the updates from the active trackers and relay the data back to the IoT Platform. The number of gateways increases the precision of the indoor localization of the roll cages.

SourcePrime Vision

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