Monday August 08, 2022

PostNord will test SwipBox parcel lockers in Sweden

PostNord tests Swipbox lockers in Sweden
PostNord tests Swipbox lockers in Sweden

PostNord will be testing SwipBox Infinity lockers in a pilot scheme in Stockholm this autumn in the latest expansion of self-service parcel collection across Scandinavia.

The forthcoming pilot scheme in Sweden means that the SwipBox Infinity solution has reached every part of the region following its launch in Denmark and recent expansion to Norway, according to the postal industry supplier.

Initially, 100 lockers will be placed in consumer-friendly locations around the Swedish capital. Shoppers will be able to choose a convenient parcel box as a delivery option in the e-retailer's checkout. 

Once the package has been delivered to the locker, the recipient will be notified by SMS and in the PostNord app. He or she can then open the locker compartments using the PostNord app on his or her phone.

PostNord Sweden will own and run the parcel network pilot scheme in Sweden, meaning that it will be the only courier service delivering parcels through the parcel lockers during this phase. Evaluation will be done throughout the pilot and if the pilot is successful more parcel lockers will be rolled out.

Helena Sjöberg, Last Mile Business Developer at PostNord, said: “We experience huge demand for new last mile solutions and that is why we are happy to start trialling this new concept. Parcel lockers are a good complement to our existing delivery options (PUDOs and home deliveries), and we’re excited to see the feedback from the market.”

She continued: “If the pilot in Stockholm is successful, we hope it can be a good delivery alternative for more parts of Sweden, both in urban and rural areas.”

Allan Kaczmarek, Founder of SwipBox, said: “We are happy to present this new last mile network to PostNord and the Swedish people, and we have no doubts that the intuitive solution will increase the convenience for the shoppers in Sweden. I’m also very proud to announce that with this collaboration, we are now represented in all of Scandinavia with our SwipBox Infinity solution.”

SwipBox said the app-operated parcel lockers run on batteries and are very easy to install as there is no need for an external electricity source or an internet connection.

The Danish “software company with a hardware solution”, which designs and produces in its home country, now operates parcel lockers in more than 60 countries along with dense networks in several selected countries.

SourceSwipbox, PostNord Sweden, CEP-Research

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