Wednesday February 08, 2023

MHS adds new services to solutions portfolio

MHS warehouse solution
MHS warehouse solution

MHS has introduced a new IOT-based predictive maintenance solution for logistics facilities as well as a software solution for e-commerce-driven warehouses.

The IOT condition-based maintenance solution monitors assets through IoT sensors and system data to provide timely maintenance recommendations and strategic health assessments.

John Sorensen, senior vice president, Lifecycle Performance Services, MHS, explained: “By not leveraging data, warehouses and distribution centres miss significant opportunities to reduce downtime and make their service operations more effective and efficient. MHS Insights is designed to address this deficiency by combining data and analytics to provide precise, timely maintenance insights.”

MHS Insights integrates readings from multiple data sources with predictive models, historical readings and detailed knowledge of failure modes. This provides service organizations with precise, condition-based predictive alerts on potential failures, rated with a red, yellow or green level of urgency.

These proactive maintenance and component replacement recommendations come well ahead of when alarms would activate in the control room. By detecting emerging failure risks early, businesses can turn unplanned downtime into strategically planned repairs that minimize system disruption and help maximize reliability.

Condition-based maintenance can also avoid unnecessary routine preventive maintenance tasks based on arbitrary schedules, not asset-specific information.

Facilities can integrate MHS Insights with the company’s CMMS solution, for a seamlessly integrated, effective package to optimize maintenance spend and system performance. MHS Insight alerts can auto-populate work orders and part orders, saving time and cost on administrative tasks, and arming technicians with OEM specific recommendations and equipment information to expedite service.

Meanwhile, MHS also introduced a new warehouse software solution built to address the challenges distribution and fulfilment centres face as a result of e-commerce growth.

The MHS Helix consists of template-based modules for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfilment functions, designed to work together in customized configurations according to each facility’s unique requirements.

Tab Fischbach, senior vice president of business development for distribution and fulfilment, MHS, commented: “With distribution centres becoming increasingly complex, getting all the processes aligned using traditional warehouse software systems can result in runaway complexity, with several layers of software, redundancy and one-off customizations.

“Our approach with Helix is to keep things simple, with ready-made modules that allow businesses to scale with new functionality while maintaining a single, lean platform.”

The ability to grow the software platform to match business requirements is an ideal fit for operations characterized by fast growth and change. As inventories swell and order volumes grow, businesses must implement new guided work technologies, inventory management processes and order fulfilment workflows. Helix is designed for this ongoing evolution, allowing users to simply add the corresponding module as business dictates.

SourceMHS, CEP-Research

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