Saturday February 27, 2021

Metapack serves up HelloFresh deliveries

The world’s leading meal kit company, HelloFresh has chosen Metapack’s Delivery Manager solution to lead its shipping services across the UK, Germany and Austria.

HelloFresh operates in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, France and Denmark. In Q3 2020, the company delivered over 162 million meals and reached five million active customers.

The new partnership enables HelloFresh to easily access the world’s largest carrier network from a single integration, automate its selection of delivery services and quickly generate labels and custom documents, ready for shipping across multiple geographies, the UK-based eCommerce delivery technology specialists said.

Metapack’s Delivery Manager allows HelloFresh to fulfil on its delivery promise to consumers while reducing operational processing times. By providing access to its library of 400+ carriers via a single integration, Metapack removes the need for costly and complicated carrier onboarding processes.

Using Delivery Manager, HelloFresh is able to intelligently select the right delivery service for each order, and quickly generate carrier compliant labels and customs documents for 4,900+ delivery services.

"Getting the right technology in place is crucial when it comes to fulfilling on our delivery promise to consumers” said Alex Wright, Director of Product at HelloFresh. “Metapack’s Delivery Manager platform provides us with access to different carriers across multiple geographies and reduces the complexities of setting up new services.

“From an operational perspective, we’ve been able to both reduce the manifesting speed of consignments, and onboard new carriers more efficiently - critical as our business continues to scale and expand,” he concluded.

By leveraging Metapack’s technology, HelloFresh is able to provide its consumers with seamless delivery experiences. Utilizing Delivery Manager, HelloFresh is able to automate its selection of delivery services, use intelligent carrier allocation to select the best carrier based on availability and requirements, quickly generate the right labels and custom documents for shipping, speeding up its warehouse operations.

“HelloFresh is one of the most exciting brands operating in the world today, and we’re thrilled they’ve chosen Metapack to lead their shipping services as they continue to grow their business,” said Bruce Fair, CRO at Metapack.

“Metapack’s Delivery Manager provides HelloFresh with easy access to the world’s largest carrier library while removing the headaches that are usually associated with carrier onboarding, maintenance and management. Using Metapack, they’re able to focus their energy on serving the needs of their customers, while leaving the operational shipping processes to us,” he continued.

More than 550 million packages are sent annually by many of the world’s leading eCommerce retailers using Metapack’s platform.


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