Monday May 23, 2022

Locus Robotics picks 500 million warehouse units

LocusBots in a DHL warehouse
LocusBots in a DHL warehouse

Locus Robotics has surpassed the milestone of 500 million picked units, just 94 days after topping the 400 million mark as clients deploy more of its warehouse robots to improve productivity and overcome labour shortages.

The technology company has installed LocusBots at diverse retail and logistics facilities, including those of CEVA, DHL, Boots UK, GEODIS and bpost-owned Radial. DHL alone has committed to deploying 2,000 picking robots by next year.

The company stressed that as more shoppers continue to buy online and as businesses prepare for what is expected to be a record-breaking holiday season, retailers and fulfillment warehouse operators are turning to AMRs to meet growing demand and mitigate labor shortages to avoid the risk of losing valuable customers.

“Reaching our half-billion pick milestone this quickly underscores the critical business value that Locus’s proven technology brings to our customers around the world as they face exploding order volumes and limited labor availability,” said CEO Rick Faulk.

“As ecommerce volumes increase, the pace of picking with LocusBots is also increasing exponentially. Locus’s first 100-million milestone took 1,542 days while the most recent 100 million picks took just 94 days. Locus is proud to have helped our customers efficiently meet this challenge while positioning them for success today, and easily-scalable growth in the future.”

Adrian Kumar, DHL Supply Chain’s Vice President, Global Operations Science, commented: “DHL Supply Chain is committed to bringing innovative and productivity-enhancing technology to our customers with partners like Locus so that they have the capacity and flexibility to capitalize on new opportunities in the marketplace.

“We congratulate Locus on this momentous achievement and look forward to continuing to work with Locus to drive productivity, support capacity growth, and deliver continuous improvement within our customers’ supply chains.”

SourceLocus Robotics

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