Thursday July 09, 2020

German supplier BÖWE SYSTEC buys majority in Sweden’s SGA

German smart automation solutions supplier BÖWE SYSTEC has signed an agreement to take a majority stake in SGA Conveyor Systems AB, a Swedish manufacturer and integrator of conveyor systems.

The company, based in the Gothenburg area, is now officially part of the BÖWE SYSTEC Group. Their individually tailored picking and transport solutions have made it a strong partner for logistics centres. As part of an e-commerce market where companies are increasingly handling their own distribution logistics, SGA provides roller and belt conveyor systems as well as sorting, picking and packing systems.

The acquisition of SGA Conveyor Systems AB is an important step for BÖWE SYSTEC. Joachim Koschier, Managing Director, commented: “We offer customers everything they need to optimize their sorting centres and warehouses – we are a one stop shop from goods in to goods out. The acquisition of SGA Conveyor Systems therefore fits in perfectly in our corporate strategy.”

Tommy Klasson, CEO and owner of SGA Conveyor Systems, also sees tremendous potential for this joint market presence: “Thanks to the merger with BÖWE SYSTEC, SGA will gain access to new markets across the globe. We are convinced that we will achieve exponential growth thanks to this cooperation.”

Based in Augsburg in the south of Germany, BÖWE SYSTEC is particularly known for its smart sorting automation. As fluctuating levels of utilization in the wake of seasonal peaks are the norm in dynamic industries such as e-commerce, and processes need to be tailored in the right way to cope with these more effectively, the company wants to help with just that.

Albert Hendriks, the Head of the Parcel Sorting Business Unit at BÖWE SYSTEC, explained: “We recommend sorting solutions to our customers that are modular in their design and that at the same time offer an exceptional price-performance ratio.”

Modular concepts ensure that the machines are always tailored to the current requirements of the operation, and the automation process itself can be undertaken gradually.

For example, the company’s OptiSorter and its compact variant, the OptiSorter Vertical, are at the heart of flexible, comprehensive solutions. Their Push-Tray sorting technology can handle heavy, round or unusually shaped items rapidly and reliably. Anything from small postcards, through polybags right up to heavy parcels weighing as much as 31.5 kg.

When looking for maximum performance in the minimum of space the best choice is the OptiSorter Vertical, while the OptiSorter Horizontal’s emphasis lies on flexibility. Its Push-Tray technology is a lower cost answer to the use of current Cross-Belt or Tilt-Tray sorters.

The company’s latest addition is the OptiSorter Split-Tray. It has been specifically designed for the sorting of light goods weighing up to 5 kg. It is ideal for the automated, high-speed sorting of flat goods and unboxed items. Its specially shaped trays mean that besides the usual standards it is also able to sort products such as clothing, books, pharmaceuticals, polybags, multimedia articles or jewellery.

SourceBÖWE SYSTEC, CEP-Research

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