Monday May 23, 2022

Fives wins PostNord, DHL, Austrian Post contracts

Fives rolls out DHL system
Fives rolls out DHL system

Intralogistics specialist Fives has recently won contracts to supply high-capacity sorting systems to PostNord, DHL Express and Austrian Post.

PostNord has renewed its long-standing partnership with the French-based company by commissioning it to renew the handling system at its Malmo logistics centre, which has been in operation for as long as 25 years.

Fives will dismantle the old system and replace it with a new GENI-Belt sorter as the core of the new handling system. The installation will start in May 2021 and the new system will be put into operation in September.

The intralogistics company said it developed a turnkey solution that completely satisfied the customer requirements: the automated system will be equipped with the GENI-Belt technology, 4 GENI-Feed induction lines and 250 destinations to handle small items at a capacity of 18,000 items per hour.

Separately, DHL Express has awarded Fives a major contract to automate its new hub at Copenhagen Airport, which is currently under construction. The hub, scheduled to go into operation in 2022, will have capacity to handle nearly 37,000 items per hour.

Fives will provide a turnkey sorting solution based on the cross-belt technology to handle parcels and flyers for both land and air operations. Three GENI-Belt sorters, stretching over 1 km in length, will be the core of the system. They will be equipped with 15 GENI-Feed induction lines, various types of chutes and X-Ray machines.

Finally, Austrian Post has again selected Fives to support its growing parcels business.

Starting this quarter, the system supplier will install an automated handling system able to sort 10,000 items per hour at the postal operator’s new logistics centre at Vomp. The new turnkey solution comprises many Fives’ proprietary technologies: the GENI-Belt cross-belt sorter, GENI-Feed induction lines and a singulator.

“As integrator of the project, we will provide the upstream, different types of chutes, a handling system for non-compatible items and the software control of the whole system,” Fives said. The company is already working on projects at two other forthcoming Austrian Post centres, in Thalgau and Wolfurt.

SourceFives, CEP-Research

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