Tuesday September 21, 2021

FarEye solutions enable positive customer experiences

E-commerce logistics software specialist FarEye has launched the eCommerce industry’s first experience loyalty solution, while hailing its successful postal and parcel customer partnerships.

According to the company, while enterprises are constantly looking for ways to transform customer experiences, 66% of them confirm that their existing systems do nothing to impact customer experience positively.

Kushal Nahata, CEO at FarEye, explained: “In the ecommerce industry, experience is the new loyalty. Customers are increasingly shifting towards an omni-channel model. They want to engage with brands that understand their preferences and are able to establish a deeper connection with them – delivery expectations, payment preferences and lifestyle choices.

“In this scenario, brand experience is largely defined by its logistics journey. In an online-first world, logistics is the only actual touch point between the brand and its customer. The stakes are very high as just one bad experience can stop the customers from returning ever.”

Accordingly, FarEye seamlessly orchestrates logistics processes and allows enterprises to guarantee delightful, branded and personalized customer experiences to drive business growth and ensure brand loyalty.

The new Experience Loyalty solution enables enterprises to:

  • Offer consumers flexible and self-service slot booking for deliveries & returns
  • Instant order-level track and trace capabilities
  • Allow consumers to add special instructions for deliveries - drop off points, driver messaging
  • Establish secure & seamless communication with drivers via one-click (encrypted) call
  • Collect digital proof of delivery and document customer feedback
  • Allow multiple wallet integrations for flexible payment options
  • Offer personalized product recommendations to ensure loyalty & increased life time value
  • Make deliveries extra safe by allowing driver temperature tracking and integrations with compliance apps

Gaurav Srivastava, CTO at FarEye, added: “FarEye’s experience loyalty solution brings together enterprises and their partners while keeping the customer at its heart. This allows brands to forge loyalty by creating experiences that engage customers on an emotional as well as on a transactional level.”

Meanwhile, the company outlined how it has spent close to a decade working with postal companies and has crafted industry best practices to improve logistics efficiencies. With its machine-learning-based platform, it is enabling global brands including UPS, Lithuania Post and Finland’s Posti to orchestrate, track, and optimize their logistics operations.

Its solutions support global enterprises in making deliveries more customer-centric, helping them shrink delivery time by up to 27%, increase courier productivity by up to 15%, and cut risks by up to 57%. This has assisted postal and parcel services to achieve operational excellence, even with COVID-19 restrictions and consequent lockdowns.

Kastytis Valantinas, Director of Operations, Lithuania Post, commented: "In the past months, both the postal sector (+courier) and the needs of our clients transformed. Quarantine resulted in rising online sales and the boom of e-commerce, thus Lithuania Post had to change as well.

“In just a few days we managed to rebuild over 100 inner processes to accommodate the increasing number of parcels and health security. Data helped us to reach best decisions - redirect parcels from couriers to mobile postmen, effectively use our network of parcel lockers to ensure parcel delivery with no human contact.

“In 2020, 1.6 million parcels were delivered through parcel lockers – this quantity exceeded last year’s results by the end of June.”

Tommi Kässi, Posti’s VP Parcel Ecommerce, Large domestic customers, commented: ”During COVID-19 we’re seeing a +32% growth in Parcel deliveries in Finland and the Baltics, and a growing demand for home deliveries and in order to meet this demand and new requirements from our customers we need easily adoptable and flexible solutions like FarEye.”

Far Eye’s Nahata added: “Parcels remain at the centre of growth, contributing almost half of the aggregate increase in revenue. While posts delivered fewer letters worldwide, volume declines were partially offset by growth in small ecommerce packets.”


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